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What is myOCPD?


myOCPD is an online portal to manage your information. Currently, it offers the management of COI (Conflict of Interest) forms for CME activity presenters, and in the future it will provide you with tools to manage your registrations and much more. Stay tuned!


I would like to manage my COI online, how do I get an account?


If you have previously presented a course developed and/or accredited by the OCPD, you should already have an account. If you do not yet have an account in our system, you may email your activity coordinator to setup an account. Otherwise, if you are having difficulty logging in, please refer to our lost password instructions.


What is a COI?


COI stands for "Conflict of Interest." In a high level of compliance with our accrediting agency, we monitor, disclose, and resolve any financial conflicts that could lead to bias. Our activities are also checked for bias by a content expert through our Content Validation service.